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The 2.2.1e release includes the following enhancements and fixes:

  • CDN Update - Over the course of the last few weeks, all BIMcms hosted websites have been migrated to a new content delivery network. This change was necessary for a number of stability and performance improvements. The CDN update corrects a number of issues including:
    • Corrects an issue related to site search where entering multiple search terms would return an error.
    • Fixes an issue when publishing contests and surveys where forms would not allow entries to be submitted.
  • Story | Live Stream Key Field - A new field has been added to the story content type. On the Media tab, you should now see a field labeled "Video Livestream Key" (in addition to the Video Key and Video Playlist Key fields). The field will accept a Dockey generate by the BIMvid Video Asset Manager upon creating a Live Event. Only one of the 3 fields should be used at any one time. In the event that multiple, or all 3, fields contain keys, the template will check from top to bottom and display the first key it encounters.
  • Calendar of Events | Navigation Fix - The logic in the Calendar of Events has been updated so that old, expired content will no longer display when navigating to previous months.
  • Enews Templates and Stylesheets - A new enews template, Enew Layout, is now available for use. The template uses tables for the main containers and features its own header. It does not include the navigation or other persistent modules allowing for a cleaner look. The template can also look for a stylesheet that is specific to the template, which further allows for customization of the newsletter. 
  • BIM Video Player Widget - A new playlist/video player widget called BIM Video Player is available for use. The widget allows for the publishing of live stream, playlists or single videos to be placed prominently in virtually any landing page, without the need to publish a story. Just like the Story content type, the widget includes separate fields for single video keys, playlist keys and live stream keys. Only one of the 3 fields should be used at any one time. In the event that multiple, or all 3, fields contain keys, the template will check from top to bottom and display the first key it encounters.
  • Homepage Refresh - An automated homepage refresh can now be applied to any site homepage.
  • Slideshow/Gallery Behavior and Tracking - The behavior of galleries (slideshows) has been updated to improve tracking and ad impressions. With the new behavior, each time a user advances to a new image, the ad positions on the page will also dynamically refresh even though the page does not reload. Additionally, the new image will fire a new page view in Google Analytics. Previously, only the image would update and no new page view was recorded. This change better measures the degree of user engagement and drives new ad impressions while continuing to deliver a positive user experience.
  • Content Submission Queues - Content submission queues are are now available for the purpose of soliciting user generated content. Submission queues have the ability to accept text and images, which upon submission, will auto-generate content and place them in a queue for moderation and eventual publication. This content can then be displayed on your website just like other content and may be used to create or display galleries or for other purposes. Submission forms can be customized (to a degree) depending on the needs of your site or specific promotion. Please contact BIM support to if you are interested in using this feature or to learn more. Please note that submission form creation and customization, and automated content submission may incur additional support and/or storage fees.
  • Multiple Story Authors/contributors - The author field in Story will now accept multiple authors/contributors. Multiple authors should be separated by a comma ('). 
  • Cross-domain publishing - Cross domain publishing is now available, which enables publishers to publish a single piece of content to multiple sites. This feature is intended for stations in the same company group to share content across multiple sites. We have devised multiple publishing options to achieve this to account for a variety of workflows. Please contact BIM support to if you are interested in using this feature and to learn which option might be right for your organization.

In Other News:

  • Today's Mortgage Minute - BIM’s Today’s Mortgage Minute (http:/ content module is now available for homepage (right rail) placement. This 300x600 sponsored video content widget provides timely financial news relevant to the mortgage lending industry and new revenue. Today’s Mortgage Minute videos are hosted by David Lykken, a leading national financial expert. Today’s Mortgage Minute features relevant, 1-minute financial news video segments (updated daily) along with a 300x250 companion ad position. The ad position is filled by Broadcast Interactive Media (rev share 50/50). A Today’s Mortgage Minute Insertion Order is required. Please contact Michael Schuch Jr. (, VP-Publisher Development to learn more.

Looking Ahead:

  • Stability and Scalability – CMS and site stability and scalability continue to be of primary importance, both to our clients and to BIM. One major focus of the BIMcms development team, in addition to the CDN update noted above, is an important server and storage optimization project that will improve CMS server redundancy and increase stability and scalability for all BIMcms sites.
  • Gallery Imports - We're working on an update to the BIMcms Feed Manager that will allow for the import of Gallery (slideshows) content.

If you have questions, concerns, or would like to add or know more about any of the features detailed above, please contact BIM Support or file a support ticket at and a BIMcms Support Specialist will be happy to assist you.

The 2.2.1d release includes the following enhancements and fixes: Most Popular Module - A Most Popular module/widget is now available for installation on all BIMcms websites. The module displays, as the name implies, the most viewed content on a site for the specified time period.... Read More
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